The custom home integrator holds one large trade show each year.  This year the CEDIA EXPO show took place just a few weeks ago in Denver.  As always it is filled with many many toys but here are the first of some of what I think are the best products that I saw.

A big screen and projector are always the best way to watch movies, sports or streaming.  Not only is it larger than the largest TVs, it looks different.  It’s always more of a movie experience, even if it’s in your family room.  But not every home has a room deep enough for a good projector and screen setup, or you can’t install it without taking apart half of your ceiling to run power and video.

Now Epson, one of the industry leaders in reasonably priced but still theatre quality projectors, has put together the Smart TV1 Laser Projection System

Here is BIG screen (120″ or 100″) with the projector sitting ONE FOOT away from the screen, shown here sitting on top of a regular piece of furniture.  Simple.

Full 4K resolution, HDR, all the features that you get from every modern TV.  But much much larger.

The screen is built so that you can use it in a regular room without any special lighting.  We saw it on the trade show floor in a regular convention centre with powerful overhead commercial lighting and it looked great!

Of course you will still want to add great audio so that you get the full theatre experience but this lets you add in theatre size and quality video without rebuilding your room.

Price has not been released in Canada yet, but we expect it to be about the same price as a good quality 85″ TV.  Except that you get 120″!!