St. Lawrence Market Condo

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Our client completely renovated this condo close to the St. Lawrence market in downtown Toronto. They took the opportunity to integrate automation and audio/video throughout their home. The Control4 automation system and app gives them a convenient and reliable way to manage all of it, even when you’re not at home.

  • New wired and wireless network with great coverage and performance, even in the middle of all the interference in a building in downtown Toronto
  • 7 rooms of audio with a mix of ceiling speakers, on-wall speakers and soundbars. Audio includes internet radio, local radio, Airplay, Cast, and Spotify. Different rooms can play different sources, or rooms can be joined together to play the same audio.
  • 4K video distribution – all the video sources (Rogers, Bell Fibe, Apple TV, Roku etc) are in the equipment rack, the video and audio are sent over a dedicated IP network to any TV you choose.
  • Motorized and automated shades.
  • Control4 smart lighting.
  • Ecobee smart thermostat with multiple remote temperature sensors.
  • Control4 automation system controlling all the other systems.