You should be able to listen to any music you want, anywhere in your home.   That's the freedom of Whole Home Audio.
You can listen to internet radio in your office.  Someone else plays workout music in the gym.  Someone plays the latest indie music in their bedroom.  All at the same time.
A modern whole home audio system will let you:

  • Play all your music - Internet radio.  Streaming music services.  Digital music on your home network.  Music you happen to be listening to on your phone.
  • Play in any room - you can install unobtrusive in-ceiling or in-wall speakers that are almost invisible.  You can put in weatherproof outdoor speakers.  You can play music using equipment that you already have.  Or you can play in rooms that have no equipment at all, using wireless technology.
  • Separate volume for each room
  • Link rooms together - if you want to play the same music throughout your ground floor, you can do it instantly
  • App control - an easy app on your smartphone, smart watch, tablet or laptop lets you easily choose your music and where you want to play it.


At Zentertainment, we know technology doesn’t just have to work right – it has to fit into your home. That’s why we design with your home’s aesthetics in mind. Whether you want to enjoy the bold blast of freestanding speakers in your media room, the subtle sounds of recessed speakers in the dining room or the delight of truly invisible in-wall speakers in the bedroom, we can build systems that sound great and "fit" into your home.


Play All Your Music

  • From your computer
  • From your smartphone or tablet
  • From any computer in your home
  • Internet radio
  • SiriusXM satellite radio
  • Streaming audio services - Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer etc
  • Airplay
  • Bluetooth