Advantages of a Smart Home

You invest a lot of time and money into your home so that it’s a place you can relax and be comfortable.  We believe that technology can enhance those benefits even if you live in an urban condo with limited space.  And there are real benefits from using a single comprehensive smart home automation system like Control4

ENTERTAINMENT – instead of a table of remotes that each work with one piece of equipment and that you have to use in the correct order or nothing works, replace them all with ONE remote for all your audio/video needs.  You can use the remote even when the equipment is tucked away inside a cabinet or even in another room.

CLIMATE CONTROL – a confined space can get too hot or too cold very quickly.  A “smart” thermostat can work together with motorized shades and fans to keep your home comfortable.

LIGHTING – Because of close living quarters, using lighting to highlight different areas can help to make your home appear larger, separate spaces and offer less disruption when walking around at night.  Smart lighting in your home can be easily programmed to set lighting at appropriate levels, use less energy and save you money.

KEYPADS – Keypads let you combine different actions into a single press of a button.  Your TV can pan from the living room over to the kitchen, turn on a favourite channel and turn the kitchen lights to a “cooking” mode.  Another button can start your music playlist and dim the lights when it’s time for dinner.  No more back and forth across your home to get from the stereo to the lights.

SECURITY & REMOTE ACCESS – You may have more than one residence including vacation spots.  The Control4 app lets you keep a virtual “eye” on all of them.  Access security cameras at any time from anywhere to check up on things.  Lock and unlock doors, or arm / disarm security systems remotely.  Even receive a push notification when someone enters a house.

ONE APP FOR EVERYTHING – Instead of learning to use a separate app for each of these items, a single Control4 app does all of this and more.  Learn it once and use it for everything, from anywhere in the world.

Look to a technology specialist like Zentertainment to help you create a home that you want to come home to.

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